Mark Smith trek progress

Marks Mental Health Marathon | Lloyds Walk the Talk team photo

Cambodia  report – day 3

  • The group have finished Day 3! Svay Leu to Kulen Mountain – distance – approx. 24km; 7-8 hrs
  • Kulen Mountain (487m), Cambodia’s sacred mountain. Deeply revered, the local people make pilgrimages to the pagodas and ruins on the mountain top.  The camp overnight is near the falls and the group can bathe in the ‘River of 1000 Lingas’ and admire the elaborate carvings in the riverbed itself.
  • The trek is more remote at this point so we have lost internet connection, so no pictures from today but David Rowsell has been in touch via Satellite phone instead.
  • Very tough day today, still very hot with the added incline has meant the group got back to camp after nightfall. No injuries but lots of aching joints and blisters. The UK doctor is doing a great job of attending to these.
  • People are emotional but in good spirits and supporting each other.
  • High praise for the ground crew, checkpoints, cold water, food and campsites are all excellent and the guides are great.
  • Lots of helpful kit hints and tips passed on to Group 2 from David.
  • Lots of interaction with Cambodian people, chance to give out donations and immerse themselves in the local culture.
  • Rebecca Collins has still yet to be reunited with her bag, this has caused some upset for her because she was told she would have it back asap. There has been some miscommunication from the airline and Global on this. David is managing the situation closely and making sure it’s dealt with urgently and empathetically. I am liaising with Global in the UK to get this resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.
  • No incidents, accidents or anything to report from the day.


Cambodia report – day 2

  • The group have finished Day 2 happy but tired!
  • The heat and humidity has hit them hard today and the route was shortened by 3km to adjust for flagging energy towards the end of the day
  • See the picture left of the terrain, not easy by any stretch of the imagination!
  • They participated in a traditional Buddhist Water blessing led by the local monks this morning. This proved to be a very special moment of reflection for many of them.
  • Quote from Kimberley Knowles (Bank Of Scotland) ‘I could never put into words how hot it is but there is an amazing sense of teamwork and looking out for each other to make sure we succeed as a team’
  • No incidents, accidents or anything to report from the day.

Marks Mental Health Marathon | Walk the Talk Day 2


Cambodia report – day 1

  • Group 1 departed with no incident form Heathrow at 11.25am on Saturday the 5th. Rebecca Collins bag was lost en route (incident report attached). Her bag has been found and will be back with her tomorrow. She has borrowed enough from the group to get her going on the challenge and wore her boots on the plane.
  • First nights’ accommodation in hotel in Siem Reap, no incidents
  • Trek day 1 – Siem Reap to Wat Preash Bat Bum Tham – no incidents, everyone is happy and facilities are far exceeding people’s expectations
  • David Rowsell joined conference call via Sat phone and Wi-Fi comms up and running
  • Marks Mental health Marathon | Cambodia Wat

We’re off! After months of training and Boot camps, Mark Smith joins the rest of the Lloyds bank team on Saturday and below you’ll find photos from the start of their journey from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat.

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Marks Mental Health Marathon | Hotel reception Marks Mental Health Marathon | Hotel frontage Marks Mental Health Marathon | Relaxing by the pool.... Marks Mental Health Marathon | park

Marks Mental Health Marathon | In the park

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